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Sustainability Commitment Update: Nature’s Grilling

Live Naturally, Grill Naturally™

One Year Update

Solar Panel Installation

Update January 2011

•   We are excited to announce that this project has been completed and we appreciate the efforts from our property management to help make this happen.

Collaboration Efforts

1. Strategic Partnership with Raw Wood Manufacturer

Update January 2011

•  We have increased our partnership and have since collaborated to share warehousing and trucking routes.

•  Plant continues to run on bio-fuel from saw dust bi-product.

•  Not only have we been able to decrease our carbon footprint, the savings have also allowed us to look into other options for the future.  FSC certification is getting closer to being a reality.

2. Strategic Partnership with Raw Wood Manufacturer

Update January 2011

•  We are committed to these same practices in 2011.

•  We have placed an agreement in place with the Mexican government that if a tree is dead and not surviving, that we will take them down.  In return, we have pledged to plant 3 trees to replace them.  The alternative is much worse as it affects how trees grow in the forest by not taking out the ones that are no longer living.

Going Beyond The Product – Commitment to Sustainability

Update January 2011

•  As part of Nature’s Grilling Product’s Sustainability Program we planted over 150,000 TREES in 2010 at our Harmony Farms Nursery project in Rebu, Ethiopia.

•  We have agreed to continue to this program to help off-set the fixed carbon content that we simply need in order to run our business.  We believe that this is currently the best option to help give back!

Six Month Update

Company Overview

Business Mission:

• To bring superior, 100% natural grilling products to the Grilling Industry.

Environmental Mission:

• To protect the fragile ecosystem from which our products are harvested.

• To go “above and beyond” and to do our part in giving back.

Solar Panel Installation

• Moved in April 2010 to a more efficient corporate office

• Solar panels was mandatory in our decision.

• Panels will lie flat and will resist wind up to 130 MPH and will be made of tubes.

• Reduces Carbon Emissions

• Installation Sept 2010.

Collaboration Efforts

• Partnered with new raw wood supplier to decrease carbon footprint.

• Plant runs on bio-fuel from saw dust bi-product.

• Improves logistical capabilities and cut down the number of trucks needed.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)

SEMARNAT is the government agency whose main purpose is “to promote the protection, restoration and conservation of ecosystems and natural resources and environmental goods and services, to facilitate their use and sustainable development” (Organic Law of Public Administration, Article 32a as amended in the Official Gazette of February 25, 2003).

NGP is recognized by SEMARNAT under the registration number T-19-018-NAT-001. NGP has since its beginning worked closely with SEMARNAT to enhance sustainable use of natural wood resources.

NGP´s only produce charcoal where the harvesting methods used, utilize thinning and pruning which is non-detrimental to hardwood trees and the ecosystem that surround it.

Going Beyond The Product: Commitment to Sustainability

Since 1988, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting nearly 200 million trees. Trees for the Future is also active locally, educating students and communities about global issues, our role in the environment, and energy efficiency.

The 1 million trees planted by Nature’s Grilling Products will remove approximately

52 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year (the same as produced by ~175,000 mid-sized automobiles).

As part of Nature’s Grilling Product’s Sus

tainability Program, for each $10,000 of product purchased by Walmart, 1000 trees will be planted in the name of Walmart at our Harmony Farms Nursery project in Rebu, Ethiopia.