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    Sustainability Commitment Update: Hallmark Canada

One Year Update


The completed project resulted in a reduction of energy use by 9.6% or 370,000 kwh during 2010.

Six Month Update


Hallmark Canada has had an energy conservation program in place since 1990. Over the years numerous initiatives and programs have been identified and implemented successfully reducing Hallmark Canada’s overall energy use by greater than 25%. Hallmark’s energy conservation efforts are directed by the Operations Division and more specifically the Facilities and Maintenance department.

Energy Conservation Project

Our 2010 energy conservation project involved Hallmark Canada converting more than 1600 office lighting fixtures in our Toronto-based head office building to the T-8 ballast system carrying 25 watt light tubes. The Facilities and Maintenance department working together with an external lighting contractor were able to design and implement a retrofit of the current light fixtures utilizing internal staff. The team worked diligently over the past 6 month period to complete the project. This project also received approval for a one time credit from the local Utility provider based on the demand load reduction which helped to support the investment.


The completed project has already resulted in a reduction of energy use by 9.6% or 370,000 kwh this year.