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Novo Textiles' GeoBlend® Fill Tackles Pre-Manufacturing Waste

  • Jul, 16 2013
  • Industry Sector:Manufacturing


Novo Textiles Co. is a progressive manufacturer of home textiles. They are leading the way in the production and delivery of high quality, retail-ready textiles in Canada. Their home textiles are developed through extensive research, customer insight and quality control. They distribute their products to retailers and customers in the hospitality and design industries across North America.

Similar to the environmental trends in most industries, there is a lot of work and discussion around recycling within the home textiles industry. The most top of mind challenge to manufacturers is what to do at the end of an item’s lifespan. However, this only solves one part of the problem. Novo Textiles is taking the conversation one step further by seeking to offer solutions to pre-manufacturing waste.

While still supporting and facilitating end-of-life recycling of upholstery and other home textiles goods, Novo Textiles wanted to find a solution that focused on reducing the waste stream before the manufacturing process began.


Novo Textiles’ innovative GeoBlend® fill is made with clean, top-quality offcuts from home textiles manufactured all over North America.

Until now, these excess materials were sent directly to landfills.

Novo Textiles is the only company in Canada with the state-of-the-art machinery capable of reclaiming and reengineering home textiles and upholstery “scraps” and converting them to a premium, high-loft synthetic fill that is incredibly soft and easy to sleep on.

The opportunities for GeoBlend are endless as the material can be used in any product that requires fill – from pillows, to pet beds, to stuffed toys and more.


Today, GeoBlend® diverts approximately 15,000 lbs (6 tonnes) of clean offcuts  from entering Canadian landfills each year.

As an added bonus, using existing materials as opposed to manufacturing new materials allows the company to reduce its impact on the environment.

Novo Textiles’ goal is to divert 4,000,000 lbs (1800 tonnes) from Canadian landfills by 2015.

Find out more at

Animal lovers, you can find Novo Textiles’ NOVOpets Geoblend products on Walmart shelves and online by clicking here.


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