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Food and Beverage

Algoma Orchards' State of the Art Processing Plant

  • May, 13 2013
  • Industry Sector:Food and Beverage


Algoma Orchards is a fully integrated apple company with eight generations of experience growing, packing and juice processing. Over the years Algoma has been an industry leader in innovation and sustainability initiatives but realized there was room to grow in its processing plant.


In 2009 Algoma opened the country’s most modern fully automated storage, packing and apple juice processing plant. When constructing this new 110,000 sq. ft. facility, Algoma utilized the most environmental and sustainable building materials possible. By using a concrete outer shell as well as a freezer panel interior wall, Algoma insured that the building structure will be sound for generations to come. This design also significantly reduces the amount of refrigeration equipment required to keep the apples at optimum temperatures—greatly reducing the amount of energy required to operate the facility.

Inside the packing plant Algoma purchases the latest technology to allow to operate not only at optimum efficiency but also to reduce employee lifting, enhancing worker sustainability. Inside the facility, a state of the art computerized apple grading and sorting pre-sizer is used. It is Canada’s only water filtration system for this type of grading system and enables Algoma to reduce water usage by 90%.

When the new apple processing facility was completed in late 2009 Algoma installed new systems to significantly reduce the water usage as well as the amount of chemical products required to operate and clean the equipment within the plant. Algoma installed Canada’s only water recycling system, allowing 40,000 litres of water to be recycled a day. Algoma also installed the most up to date computerised cleaning system, causing a reduction in the amount of cleaning products used.

In the summer of 2012 Algoma installed one of Ontario’s largest solar roof systems. There are now almost 2,000 solar panels covering almost 2.5 acres of roof top at its packing plant. When the sun it out Algoma generates all of its own electricity.

By having the orchards near-by, storage on site, fresh apple packing plant attached and the apple juice processing plant within the building Algoma has greatly reduced the amount of trucking required to operate its business. 


Algoma’s state of the art processing facility has had a positive effect on the environment, by reducing energy output, the amount of fresh water consumed, as well as reducing the discharge of dirty water.

In the future Algoma will continue to look for new innovative ways to grow its business while making a positive impact on the environment—demonstrating the inherent sustainable value agriculture offers in Canada’s diverse economy.


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